How We’re Getting Ready To Start The School Year Strong This Fall

We know that families are facing a lot of uncertainty about what the new school year will look like. At World Academy, we’re taking bold steps to make sure our school, staff, students, and families are prepared for the school year ahead. 

By investing in technology that maximizes our learning spaces and our education process, we’re making sure we’ll be ready to meet your family right where you want us—online, or on campus.

We know that a World Academy education represents a considerable investment by our families. We are eager to get back to full service for all. Thus, we are maintaining our full staff to be ready when the state allows for a full return.

Providing What Families Need Most: Options

We believe that individualized education is the best path to student success. Thanks to modern technology, we’re able to provide the same high-quality, personalized learning plans for all of our students—whether they’re joining class remotely from home, or joining us here in the classroom.

Our blended learning options will offer families options to find the best balance for your student: 

  • We are optimistic about reopening fully on campus in the fall. Our intention is to get back to full operations on campus in the fall…and if it IS possible, we are committed to being prepared and ready!
  • Even while we are planning on resuming operations here on campus in the fall, we are aware that operations will likely look different
    • We will be limiting large group gatherings to adhere to social distancing guidelines
    • We’re altering lunch procedures to prioritize small groups
    • We will be implementing continuing wellness checks for staff & students
    • We are increasing our cleaning procedures to focus even more on intense sanitation techniques by virtue of the fact that there will be more students around the area
  • It may be that reopening might be slowed or reversed as there may be spikes over the summer or the fall with decreased regulations. At that point, we may reduce the density at school and blend it with some remote education as students may attend in shifts.  No matter what comes our way, we are committed to being prepared and ready to ensure there will not be a COVID-19 slide on our watch. We will be able to blend on-campus and remote instruction in such a way that it fits most families’ philosophies at such an uncertain time…but learning will not be lost or even slowed with our planning. 
  • In the worst-case scenario of needing to continue remote education in the fall, we will have had all of these months under our belts and will be assessing our systems for their efficacy and how we might add socialization to this model which was, of necessity, sorely lacking this time around. We are committed to being prepared and ready.

Making Major Upgrades to Our Learning Environment

As we continue to update and improve our educational processes to best support student reentry to school here in Nashua, we are also committed to making substantial changes to our learning environment itself to support healthy learning and minimize the risk for students, staff, and families.

That’s why, in preparation for the start of the new school year, we are moving forward with nearly $100,000 in physical improvements to our classrooms and learning spaces to ensure all of our amazing students have access to the tools, resources, and personalized attention they need to succeed:

  • We are implementing an all-new, modern air filter system to get information on airflow throughout our facility, which will give us a better understanding of how air moves through our building and how we can best maximize safety for our students. We hope this close monitoring of airflow will be unnecessary, but we need to be prepared.
  • Over the summer we will be installing videoconferencing and remote education cameras in every room. That way, if some students can’t attend physically, they can “attend’ from home in real-time and stay on their class schedules.

Have Questions? We’re Happy To Provide Answers

We understand that this is an uncertain time, and that things may be a bit confusing for families worried about their student’s continued success this fall. That’s why we’re doing everything we can to communicate with our families and students as best as we can.

If you have questions about what the new school year will look like here at World Academy and what your family’s options are, we’re happy to help. Give us a call or contact us online to learn more, and we’ll be in contact as soon as we can.

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