2nd Annual Invention Convention at the World Schools

The Second Annual Invention Convention was held on Friday, February 19th at the World Schools’ Annex. The fourth graders did a fabulous job creating and marketing their inventions. Congratulations to all of our inventors!

Xahn Frater received the Environmental Award for his invention of the Recycle Space Saver, and Oliver Simon received the Kids Choice Award for his invention of the iNag. First place went to Kaitlyn Rice for her invention of the Cozy Kitty, second place went to Abby Yuan for her invention of the Storm of Warm, and third place went to Emily Gaudreau for her invention of the Anti Cat Cover. Our school is filled with creative thinkers!

Kaitlyn and Abby participated in the statewide celebration on April 3rd at the Fidelity Investments 2010 Young Inventors’ Program Annual Celebration at Merrimack Valley High School in Penacook, New Hampshire. Abby Yuan took the fourth grade prize for an invention for those with Special Needs. Abby’s “Storm of Warm” microwaveable steering wheel cover is just the ticket for people with Reynaud’s Syndrome to keep away the cold in the wintertime. This was Abby’s second appearance at the Statewide Invention Convention. She was chosen last year as one of the two top winners, along with Kaitlyn Rice, to represent the World Schools at the state finals. Kaitlyn also represented the school again this year with her invention of an electronic cat bed warmer, the Cozy Kitty. Congratulations to Abby and Kaitlyn!