Weekly Update From World Academy - February 5, 2021

Dear Wonderful Families,

February is a short month, but in our ‘World’ and beyond, it is chock full of special themes and topics. Best known for groundhogs, the Super Bowl, Presidents, and love (Valentine’s Day), it is nationally designated as Black History Month, National Heart Month, and Dental Care Month. It traditionally brings us snow and winds (obviously), our 100th day of school and our Early Childhood program’s Mid-year Parent Meetings!
This year it will also be remembered as one of the early months that brought us the COVID-19 vaccine and the HOPE that this pandemic may, indeed, eventually end.

We have been incredibly blessed to have been able to spend this time, together, in-person, with you and your children, and we just want to say how grateful we are for you all as we travel this road together. We became a true family in the best interest of our children. We all followed the rules, like our lives depended on it (it did and still does). Let’s continue to stay safe and do what has actually become bearable, with the precious goal in mind to keep everyone healthy, until it is all clear. There is a light at the end of this tunnel!! Our hearts go out to those who have suffered dearly during this time and we are looking forward to statistics going down, as we continue to do the right thing. Thank you for working so hard to make sure we all stay safe, together!

Kathy and Lisa for all of us
President and Head of School