Weekly Update From World Academy - January 8, 2021

Dear Wonderful Families,

Every year many of us look forward to early January as a time for new beginnings. This year we had the added anticipation of saying goodbye to crazy 2020, as we looked forward to what, we hope, will be a fantastic and impactful year.

Yet, we hope to retain the flexibility, resilience, adaptability and good humor we developed during the tumult of 2020, as we tried to gain more control over our lives to diminishing returns.

We have evolved in terms of our educational delivery and programming and in addressing each student, personally, and up close. We found uniquely special ways to reach out to families, even while we were frustrated at not being able to see each other daily, face to face. We found new value in reviewing our mission and following it to make our school community better and more cohesive. We felt grateful to have each other.

We put our students in the foreground and recognized how our priorities were ordered.

We learned to sacrifice some freedoms to keep everyone safe and that immediate gratification was not a right, as we wait for this endless virus to be over.

We were inspired by you, our families, as you stepped up and supported our goals and worked with us in the best interest of your children.

We learned to slow down as there was nowhere, open, to hurry to, and found unexpected joy in peacefulness. We learned the value of hugs and the human touch, because we have been denied it.

These are some of many good takeaways from 2020. Let’s retain what we learned and use these valuable gifts to make 2021 a productive and satisfying year for all.

Lemonade, anyone???

Kathy and Lisa for all of us
President and Head of School