Weekly Update From World Academy - July 24, 2020

Dear Wonderful Families,

As we continuously apprise new information regarding COVID we try to pass that information on to you and try to implement it onsite. The newest questions have centered on family members who travel out of state or New England for work. It is now our policy that we are advising family members who travel to try not to be the ones designated to come into the building for drop off or pick up. We are working on drop off and pick up lines for the fall which might help that situation in your family but until then we are requesting that if you travel that you NOT be the one to do the drop off and pick up unless it is unavoidable. We know adults are much more careful when traveling; however, we are just trying to limit our school exposure. If you have any questions about this policy, please connect with us and we will gladly discuss it with you. As always, when new information comes to us from the State we will adapt our policies as best as we can.

Also, please note that there will be a lot of excitement around the school in the next few weeks as we prepare for the fall. Our roof is being re-shingled this weekend. We will be very vigilant for any issues that could create!! Also, our technology learning stations are arriving in pieces, daily, and we are working on getting those together so the staff can come in and familiarize themselves with that magic for quality remote learning, asap. We are adding bi-polar ionizers to the fresh air intakes to kill the virus microbially in the recirculated air as it adds to fresh air. Hopefully that will be non-disruptive. Yes, very exciting things are happening in our 'World'!!!

Have a really good summer weekend!


Kathy and Lisa for all of us

President and Head of School