Weekly Update From World Academy - June 5, 2020

“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.” - Desmond Tutu

Dear Families,

Today it seems as though this world is not familiar to us anymore. The last few months have brought about the most challenging of times. People are sick, hungry and angry; the economy is hurting with record unemployment; and the very tenets of respect for humanity are in question.

Fear, desperation, and feelings of lack of control make living difficult in the best of times. Today it is impossible. None of this is simple, most of it isn’t even human. We have lost our way and truly need to stop and think about what is at work in today’s world. We have to remember that we all love our children and they will become our future leaders and agents of change. What they are seeing today is not the example we want to set.

Our mental health is being challenged like never before and we need to work together to keep us all in balance, feeling loved and cared for, and feeling seen and of value. In times like these, we need hope the most. Hope makes it possible for us to persevere and proceed with resilience. Hope springs eternal within our human souls.

World Academy’s very existence is predicated on the equal value of all people. As a world, we need to do better. Let it begin with us!

With Hope,

Kathy and Lisa for all of us

President and Head of School