Weekly Update From World Academy - September 10, 2021

Dear Wonderful World Academy Families,

As we finished our 3rd week of the new school year our children have settled into their routines and have hit the ground running! It has been an exciting week with children enjoying playing outside, socializing with friends, and diving into their respective curriculums. Watching children of all ages thriving in their new classrooms has been fabulous. We remain grateful every day for our state of the art air purification systems as they make our school so much safer for all of our children and staff every day.

Thank you to all of the families who have shared your words of gratitude and thoughtful emails about how much your children are enjoying school. As we enter our third school year impacted by the pandemic, we can’t tell you enough how much your feedback means to us! 

On another note, we want to thank our World Academy Board Members for their service to our school. We had a fabulous meeting yesterday and are optimistic about their support in helping this be one of our best school years EVER! Let’s keep following protocols to keep us all healthy and maybe the pandemic will become a side concern rather than a daily worry!!

Kathy and Lisa
President and Head of School