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Mar 8, 2017
This January, children's singer/songwriter and musician Steve Blunt visited World Academy for a fun day of singing and learning with our Kindergarteners and teacher Miss Naomi. While he was here, Steve recorded a video for his new song "Building a Better World," featuring a little help from our students and staff here at World Academy! The theme of the video, Building a Better World, coincides with this year's Collaborative Summer Library Program Theme.Read More
Mar 1, 2017
It is with much pride and excitement that World Academy shares the Math League’s 2016-2017 score summaries for Grades 6,7, and 8 in this year’s New England Mathematics League regional contest held in February! Grade 6 Of the 82 New England schools in the Grade 6 contest, World Academy ranks 2nd in the region with Aastha Patel and Sami Witta tying for 8th place, Jack Schroeder placing 14th, Sudarshan Prasanna and Angelina Turcotte tying for the 20th place in the Region.Read More
Feb 4, 2017
The World Academy NorthStars boys and girls basketball teams each brought home Championship trophies last month after taking on Epping in the finals of the Tri-County League Championships. The boys' and girls' Northstars teams both took home the gold to cap off undefeated seasons, the boys finishing out the season with an 11-0 record and the girls with a 10-0 record. Erik Congdon, Marsha Choate and Ryan Gauthier coached the teams to through the undefeated season and to a win in the Championship.Read More
Jan 24, 2017
At World Academy, we love our alumni! They are amazing people, doing amazing things, and we’re lucky enough to have seen them both come through our doors to learn and leave as better, more well-rounded citizens. Now, we’d like to give them some more support as they will always be a part of our “family.” What better way than to help our students pursue their dreams of higher education?Read More
Jan 19, 2017
The world of technology is always advancing, and today’s students must be able to graduate with enough knowledge to find their place in a tech-driven world. World Academy strives to bring opportunities to its students that focus on technology education, including a recent partnership with Vybe Software to teach students how to make their own apps with its developer app, DevKit. Created by NH native, Mitch Marchand, the DevKit app makes taking on the challenges of app writing much simpler. Read More
Dec 20, 2016
At World Academy, we encourage students to not only excel in their studies in school, but to succeed and thrive academically against any challenger out there. That’s why we’re so pleased to announce our students’ stellar performance in this year’s AMC 8 math competition, hosted by the Mathematical Association of America (MAA).Read More