Weekly Update From World Academy – March 26, 2021

This week’s note is from Mrs. Laurie D. Collins, our wonderful K-8 Music Teacher

Dear Wonderful World Academy Families ~

This month of March has been a celebration of “Music in our Schools”! The ventures and benefits of this art enriches our children at World Academy and throughout the nation deeply. The curriculum varies from state to state; however, the developmental goals set in the National Standards fulfill the growth of the whole child and we exceed those in our ‘World.’  

Even during the Covid pandemic, Music continues to help each of us focus on our thoughts, disciplines our intentions, challenges us mathematically, and defines us creatively, in our personal, family and social lives. 

The professionals from Symphony NH have embraced my invitation to support our pursuit of Music Education. They have provided us with a link that will engage each of us in a virtual experience. The musicians have shared their journey with us in hope that we, too, can relate to the tenacity required for achievement. Delightfully, they also share their refined talents, and play their instruments with precision, clarity and passion. It is true that once we can connect strongly, the work becomes part of our existence, our expression. This is something that I have been sharing with the students throughout the month during our classes. Please click here to enjoy the Symphony presentation with your family.

In past and future years, the Nashua Community Music School has offered vocal coaching and instruction with band and orchestral instruments. Once the pandemic is over, our hope is this musical partnership will continue as it offers an integral component to our students’ development– the application from print to expression!  Additionally, World Academy has provided private piano lessons for over 20 years to students, kindergarten through grade 8, before and after school, and our annual productions have seen our students shine through the joy of Music! 

World Academy’s children flourish in and through Music. The foundations of awareness, appreciation and practical application contribute to a greater understanding and enhance our enjoyment as we travel the world around us.  Please click here to enjoy our special video, which is a representation of our collaborative hard work during our Music classes. I am so proud of our accomplishments!

Sincerely through Music,

Mrs. Laurie D. Collins ~