Caitlin Ryen

Middle School Teacher

Caitlin joined the World Academy team last year, and she is excited to share another year with our community.  She earned her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Central Florida and is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree. She brings much experience as a Middle School Teacher with a focus on Science and Math and looks forward to adding engaging experiments and critical thinking to our Middle School classrooms.

Ms. Ryen recently relocated to New Hampshire to experience our four seasons.  She was born and raised in Florida and is the proud dog mom of a yellow labrador named Lily. They enjoy going on long walks and swimming at the lake. In her spare time, she enjoys horseback riding and DIY projects.

Ms. Ryen’s philosophy of education is based on understanding students’ feelings and the mental processes they use as they gather information and create solutions. She believes every student is unique and has the ability to learn in her classroom because the environment she establishes encourages her students to be true participants and guides in their own education. Caitlin’s strength in helping students build relationships with teachers and their peers fosters effective communication skills, and is essential in creating an environment that stimulates learning in her classroom from the moment students step through her classroom door. She likes to provide a variety of educational choices as she believes this cultivates student engagement and helps foster creativity in students’ independent learning. She is looking forward to working with the highly motivated students at World Academy and is, again, getting geared up to provide challenging opportunities to meet their needs and inspire confidence. We are so happy that you are in our ‘World,’ Ms. Ryen!