Jennifer Tully

Elementary Teacher

Jennifer has been teaching at World Academy for over 22 years as one of our amazing Kindergarten Teachers. She graduated from Framingham State College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education and Reading. She is a MA State Elementary Certified Teacher, NH Director 1 Certified, an Early Childhood Professional Mentor Specialist, and is Early Childhood Professional Educator Level III Credentialed. Jennifer has worked as a Title 1 Reading teacher and as a Special Education teacher. She is the chairperson of our school’s Safety Committee, as well as a member of the World Academy’s PTO and NEASC Accreditation Committee.

Mrs. Tully resides in Dunstable, MA with her husband, Charlie, their four children, and 1st grandchild on a sixth-generation working dairy farm with over 270 cows. Jennifer enjoys spending time with her family, gardening, cooking, reading, and working at the family’s store, Tully Farms Dairy. She also plays handbells in the church choir and is the secretary to Dunstable Grange and Middlesex County Farm Bureau. Wow…she is busy!!

Mrs. Tully feels that her philosophy of education reflects who she is. “Teaching is not my job; it is my passion and a responsibility that I take very seriously.
I believe that education is an important part of life and without it, there is no way for our society to grow and improve for the generations to follow. As a teacher, I ensure that every child who enters my classroom is provided with the opportunity to learn in a variety of ways. School is a place for children to gain the basics and the social skills needed to succeed in life.
I touch upon all of these aspects in my classroom and make it fun because learning should be fun. Overall, teaching our children is a very important part of my life and I try to do it with quality, love, compassion, respect, and support.” She is truly amazing!

Kindergarten has been really exciting and so interesting. I have learned so much. You are a fun teacher, and I love doing experiments with you. Thanks for helping me make so many great new friends over the year. You are the best teacher ever!