Jenny Roundtree

Emergent Kindergarten Afternoon Teacher

Jenny Roundtree has been at World Academy since May of 2022. She graduated high school in 2018. After graduating high school, Jenny moved with her family to Washington State! She moved back to New Hampshire to live with her sister, Haley, who also works at World Academy, in January of 2021. In her free time, she enjoys running, reading, puzzles, and eating ice cream!

She loves children and has so far enjoyed being able to work at World Academy. Jenny believes that “Any child can learn and grow when given the opportunity to do so in a safe and enriching environment. Every child is unique and develops physically, cognitively, and socially and emotionally at their own pace. While it may be with good intentions to treat every child with equality when it comes to education, it’s not necessarily the best way for all children to learn. It’s important to create positive relationships with your children in order to have a positive classroom environment. At the end of the day, children want to know that they are loved and cared for. Every child’s needs are different, so taking the time to intentionally learn about them and spend time with them is one of the most important parts about being a teacher.”