Karen Stone


Karen joined our World Academy teaching community in 1997. She is a graduate of Framingham State College with a degree in Elementary Education and holds Kindergarten through Eighth Grade New Hampshire Teacher Certification with Highly Qualified Status.

Karen has taught Grade Two for many years here and seemed to be our families’ ‘favorite teacher’ before retiring”…only to continue to support us through subbing. She just loves the students!

Mrs. Stone lives in Nashua with her husband, Dale. Her two daughters also live in the area. She enjoys being with her family and looks forward to planning their next family vacation to somewhere warm and tropical. Karen also enjoys walking year-round, summer reading, and most of all “beaching it” with friends and family.

Karen brings joy and passion to her classroom, helping her students embrace a love of learning. She sets up her classroom so that all her students grow socially, emotionally, and academically. She believes that her students should feel safe in their environment and encourages them to advocate for themselves. She works closely with her students’ families, so all feel supported. Mrs. Stone believes all her students can accomplish any goal they set for themselves, but it takes work and determination. Her curriculum is always evolving to meet the needs of her students, and it incorporates engaging academic activities and a lot of problem-solving. She works hard to challenge her students who are ready for advanced materials and relentlessly follows up with those who require more support, be it academic or social/emotional.

In summary, Karen wants our students to be happy successful students and go on to follow their dreams! She is partially retiring but will continue to be part of our community by substitute teaching, when needed, in the classroom. We just could not let this incredible teacher go!!

Karen Stone is a phenomenal educator. Her passion for teaching is exemplified every day in the way she manages the classroom. She inspires the students to learn, both directly and indirectly.


My family is very grateful for the year we have had with Mrs. Stone. We are glad we decided to give grade 2 at World Academy a chance. The love and respect she has within our family will never be forgotten.