Kelsey Spaulding

Elementary Teacher

Kelsey is a graduate of Keene State College with a degree in Elementary Education and holds Kindergarten through Eighth Grade Experienced Educator Certification. She has a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership and is a certified Curriculum Administrator.  Mrs. Spaulding has been part of the World Academy team since 2011.

Kelsey grew up in Wrentham, Massachusetts and now lives with her husband, Matt, in Pepperell.  They both are teachers so they share a passion for educating students.  Kelsey enjoys spending time with friends and family, cooking up new recipes, and visiting her parents on Cape Cod.  She loves the fall season and all things pumpkin!

Mrs. Spaulding believes that all children deserve the opportunity to be a part of a classroom that allows them to grow physically, socially, emotionally, and academically.  “As an educator, I wish to provide a classroom environment where students develop a love of learning.  I believe strongly in the importance of classroom community building to create a positive learning environment.”  She values the importance of engaging in close-knit communication with parents so she can foster successful learning beyond the classroom walls.  Kelsey believes in providing a classroom experience where all the needs of learners are met.  Her classroom instruction incorporates hands-on activities to allow learning through active participation. “When students are engaged, the greatest learning potential occurs.”  Mrs. Spaulding loves sparking the curiosity in her students and watching them blossom through their early years in Elementary Education.