Sarah Bishop

Middle School Teacher, Summer Camp Enrichment Coordinator, Middle School AfterSchool Coordinator, and Wilson Reading Specialist

Sarah has been teaching at World Academy for about ten years. She graduated from The College of Saint Rose with a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Education, and from New York University with a Master’s Degree in Educational Theatre. Sarah currently holds a New Hampshire teaching credential in English. She is Level One certified for teaching dyslexic students through the Wilson Reading System Program and is also certified in Children’s Mental Health Fundamentals from the Institute of Child Psychology.

Miss Bishop has lived in various places including Virginia Beach and St. Martin, but now resides in Hollis with her family and munchkin tuxedo cat, Bella. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, cooking, writing play scripts and poetry, and competing in ballroom dance showcases. She is also always up for a great cup of coffee and a good book. Her philosophy of life is full of joyful gratitude! She is just one of the most optimistic people we know!!!

Sarah believes that all children have a right to receive an education that not only focuses on the “needed subjects”, but also on how to confidently develop into the wonderful and unique individuals they are meant to be. She feels each should receive genuine appreciation for personal contributions and values. It is also Sarah’s belief that, “a teacher must be creative and determined in her efforts to provide students with the least restrictive and most successful learning environment. In order to do so, I have made use of a unique methodology that includes lectures with dramatic, musical, kinesthetic, and observation/discussion lessons. These lessons include the use of dramatic role play, journal writing, music incorporation, and visual art expression. These have allowed my students to experience alternatives to the “ordinary”. It is my personal philosophy that students are served best when presented with a collaborative learning environment using both traditional styles, as well as, those outside of the norm. This results in students having a larger desire to participate in their education and to succeed. Students should be provided with a safe and welcoming learning environment. Whether it is in a different type of classroom
or a more creative and student-led opportunity in a subject, all students need to understand that this is their education and that they are valued for who they are.”