Tanya Signoroni

Middle School Support

Tanya Signoroni, a dedicated Middle School Support staff member at World Academy, brings a blend of professional expertise and maternal warmth to her role. Originally from Canada, she now resides in Nashua with her husband and four lively boys. With her eldest transitioning to high school and her twins in fifth grade, Tanya is deeply rooted in the local educational community. After a career in Human Resources, she made the fulfilling choice to focus on raising her children. Now, she seamlessly integrates her HR background with her passion for youth support in her part-time role at World Academy, overseeing lunch and recess activities.

In her bustling household, Tanya’s days are filled with the joyful chaos of raising boys and fostering their growth. From guiding her seventh-grader through adolescence to managing the dynamic duo of twins, Tanya’s life is a testament to love, dedication, and family values. Her decision to join the World Academy team reflects her commitment not only to her children’s education but to the well-being of all students under her care. With her empathy, organizational skills, and nurturing demeanor, Tanya Signoroni ensures that every student feels valued and supported as they navigate the challenges of middle school life.