Helping Children Develop A Sense of Self Through Quality Early Childhood Education

Preparing children properly for a seamless transition into primary school begins with quality Early Childhood Education. At this transformative stage, many think the benefit of an educational program is to help children familiarize themselves with pre-academic curriculum, but this isn’t the most significant impact it can have. A higher-level Early Childhood educational experience has the power to set children on a path towards understanding their own identities—and the identities of those around them.

Supporting Pivotal Social Development

Quality Early Education has a profound impact on children because their minds at this age are developing at an astounding rate. From birth to age 3, their brains are making over one million neural connections every second and will learn more than 80% of their lifetime knowledge and skills by the time they are five. That also means that every experience at this influential age, positive and negative, can have a lasting impact on the way their minds function. As they produce these crucial connections, providing opportunities to interact with other children can pave the way for attaining sophisticated social skills, even at a young age. An early childhood education program is an effective way to grant children these impactful opportunities, offering the chance to make vital neurological connections in the context of playing, talking, and working with others.

Constructing Self Identity Through Socialization

Socializing regularly in a safe, supervised environment also gives children a chance to explore a valuable perspective other than their own: the perspective of their peers.

It’s unlocking the ability to empathize and see oneself through another’s gaze that enables children to truly understand their own identity. Interacting with others, they recognize how their actions affect those around them, building an understanding of social cues that they’ll take with them as they continue to mature. 

The sooner they begin this social development process, the longer they’ll have to polish the socio-emotional and linguistic skills associated with these consistent interactions.

Arriving Early & On The Right Track

Conversely, depriving children of opportunities to learn about themselves and others can put them at a disadvantage—potentially delaying their pursuit of well-honed socialization skills and a sense of self.

That’s why, at World Academy, we take great care in creating an enriching Early Childhood Education program where our youngest students flourish together. To learn more about what a high-quality Early Childhood Education can look like for your young one, please get in touch!