Important Updates Regarding COVID-19

Students & families: though the effects of COVID-19 have changed many aspects of our everyday lives, we want you to know that we will do everything in our power to support each other through this difficult time.

In an effort to keep you all informed, here are some key updates to keep in mind as we navigate this situation together. We will continue to update this article as new information arises. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation! 

Maintaining A Rigorous Cleaning Routine

We are closely following the Center For Disease Control’s suggestions for schools to combat the COVID-19 virus which focuses on handwashing, not touching one’s face and crowd control (see cancellations here). 

To support your health and safety, we are also sanitizing thoroughly, deeply and more often with approved products to keep our school beyond clean. Our cleaning crew has given us their commitment to clean every surface in the school twice daily and every evening (and they have been a part of our World Academy family for over a dozen years, so we trust their abilities!). 

The maintenance team will also be sanitizing commonly used surfaces such as door handles, water fountains, light switches, etc. and lunch tables and classroom work tables will be sanitized even more than usual before each use. 

We are also incorporating information regarding the virus and how to prevent the spread of germs, age-appropriately, into our curriculum so our students can be correctly informed and empowered with real information. Meanwhile, it is our goal to remain calm and vigilant. 

As a result of recommendations made by our newly formed Steering Committee (made up of Medical Professionals, W.A. Advisory Board Members, Parents and Staff), we are setting up hand sanitizing stations at the two door entrances and will require all to use upon entering our building. This is the best defense in keeping new germs at bay after our daily deep cleaning, so we thank you for your cooperation!

Postponing School Events

Please know that we understand how important school activities and events are in the lives of our students. Consequently, we will do whatever is humanly possible to reschedule as many as we can so they don’t miss out on these valuable experiences. This effort will also apply to all future cancellations.

We are considering rescheduling some of these events in the summer to give our students the opportunity to receive the benefits and goals planned for these experiences. 

We’ve listed important information regarding these events here. 

Implementing A Remote Education Plan

We have had a very smooth roll out of our well planned remote education program for our Grades Kindergarten through Grade 8 students and families have reported great excitement and success from the homefront. As our Early Childhood Education classes are still operating at the request of the Department of Health and Human Services, we are providing a remote education program for those who are absent with great success and will continue to refine it for if/when the Governor closes down child care programs completely. Closing this program would be the very last resort, as we know many of our families are essential personnel and will need services. 

Our Full Campus Protocol

We are working diligently to figure out how best to serve our families and keep our children and staff safe. As such we have closed our full campus down to all but authorized family members, staff and students to keep exposure limited. Wherever possible we are mandating social distancing be used to keep proximity to each other as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control. If you need to pick up something for your child or need to access the building for any reason, please call and set up an appointment to do so with the front desk.

Respecting The Needs Of Our Students & Families

We understand that there are many philosophies regarding this very real and emotional issue and want to respect as many as we can. 

Therefore, if you wish to keep your child home from school at any point for a time until you feel it is safe, please let us know so we can continue to support your child’s growth and education with remote options at every level. This will keep our student body operating at the appropriate levels to pick right back up when the virus is controlled.

Please let us know if there is more you think we could be doing to realistically address the current situation. We have included the very latest update from the CDC regarding school closures for your information. Thank you for your support

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