Amelia Ott

Amelia Ott began working at World Academy in February of 2019. She has been in the ECE field for the past 8 years and has a background in medical-related fields as well. She has classes in education and plans on continuing her education.

Amelia is a new resident of Nashua, NH, but a long-time New Englander. She lives with her boyfriend, step-daughter, and two pets; a feisty hamster named Loki and Rosie, a veiled chameleon with attitude. Amelia has a passion for English, history, and psychology. She writes and reads in her spare time and particularly enjoys horror fiction, ancient history, and nonfiction. Other hobbies include cooking, hiking, movies, and drawing.

Amelia believes that "a person’s childhood years are what shapes them for the rest of his/her life. A teacher serves as a positive influence, a helpful mentor, and a role-model who can truly influence a child’s development and ensure future success in life. Every child can be on the road to success if he/she has a great support network, which I aim to be a part of." Amelia also strongly supports diversity and inclusiveness in the classroom. Additionally, she endorses the use of STEM in the classroom because technology is constantly evolving, along with the way children learn and will be a great factor in their future success.

Amelia joined the World Academy community in 2019.