Ana DeAnda

K-8 Spanish Teacher

Ana DeAnda has been teaching at World Academy for six years. She holds a Master Degree in the Art of Teaching Spanish from Rivier University. She is currently working on her certification through Alternative IV.  She also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing from National Polytechnic Institute in Mexico.  Senora DeAnda is looking growing the grade levels that she teaches this year.  In addition to teaching Spanish to our middle school students, she will be exposing the kindergarten through third students to the culture and language of Spanish.

Señora DeAnda was born and raised in Mexico City until she came to United States to study after college, and then she settled down in Nashua, NH where she has been living for twenty years. Señora DeAnda loves spending time with her husband and two sons and enjoys working out and reading about ancient cultures. She travels to Mexico frequently to visit her family and friends.

Señora DeAnda believes that the key element in teaching a foreign language is keeping students motivated. Learning Spanish should be fun, engaging and meaningful. To increase the motivation to learn Spanish, she brings in a mix of enthusiasm, cultural elements and grammar into the classroom. Teaching her native Spanish language enables her to draw upon her own culture and personal experiences. The hispanic culture is enormously rich in traditions, stories and history and one of the most important aspects of her teaching is to share this cultural aspect with her students. Learning Spanish as a second language challenges students to discover connections between languages and cultures in addition to creating an awareness and understanding of cultures different from their own.

Señora DeAnda joined the World Academy community in 2013.