Casey L'Heureux

Casey joined World Academy January 2021 where she started out as a Full Time Substitute and then joined the Toddler team as an Afternoon Assistant (which she absolutely loves!) Casey has worked with children of all ages and previously worked at another child care center in Nashua, NH. She is currently working towards her NH State Credentials. Casey lives in Nashua, NH with her partner and their three cats. She enjoys video games and cooking, and she loves experimenting with new recipes and then sharing them with all of her friends! 

Casey’s goal is to create a warm and loving, but structured environment for her students to learn and explore. She believes that students learn best through hands-on experiences that help develop their understanding of the world around them through trial and error. Casey’s philosophy is that keeping consistent routines in a safe environment allows her students the predictability needed to thrive. She loves bonding with her students and getting to know how each learns best. Casey also believes that open parent communication is vital to student success, and she loves connecting with parents in the afternoon and telling them anecdotes from their children’s days.