Courtney Dennis

Before and After School

Courtney Dennis has been teaching at World Academy for five years.  She attended Nashua Community College and was working on her associate’s degree in Early Childhood Education. She transferred to New England College to work towards a major in Elementary Education with a minor in Special Education.

Miss Courtney was born in Massachusetts, but she has lived in Nashua, New Hampshire a majority of her life. Miss Courtney enjoys reading, spending time with family and friends, hiking, and discovering new trails with her chihuahua, Bella. She has a deep love for traveling, beaches, and animals as well!

Miss Courtney has loved working with children since she began babysitting at the young age of eleven. It is very important to her to work with families to create a welcoming, safe, and healthy environment where their child can succeed to the best of their abilities. She fully believes that children benefit greatly by learning through play and hands-on experiences. Recognizing each child’s individual needs and helping them to reach their goals is what she focuses on every day. Miss Courtney is passionate about helping children not only succeed in the classroom, but in their overall lives.

Miss Courtney joined the World Academy community in 2013.