Daniel Kilgour

Daniel Kilgour joined the World Academy community in 2018 after ten years as a specialized teacher at Pelham High School in Pelham, NH. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in English with a minor in Secondary Education from Worcester State University in 2004, has been a licensed educator in New Hampshire since 2007.  He also received his certificate in Paralegal Studies from Boston University in 2013. Mr. Kilgour is planning on pursuing a Master’s Degree in History at some point in the near future. In the meantime he presents some incredibly interesting classes, conversation and clubs for our students!

Outside of World Academy, Mr. Kilgour enjoys spending time with his wife, daughter, and son; writing; playing guitar; tabletop gaming; hiking; and playing chess. Mr. Kilgour co-coached the World Academy Chess Team to the New Hampshire State Team Scholastic Championship in 2019, his third overall! 

Daniel also oversees the World Academy Geography, History, and Spelling Bees and has run the Dungeons & Dragons Club, since his arrival at World Academy. Beginning in Fall 2021, Mr. Kilgour will be heading up the World Academy eSports Club. He lives in Hudson, NH after growing up in Haverhill, MA.

In the classroom, Mr. Kilgour believes that teaching students through a curriculum that focuses on personal growth and creativity is essential to learning. His vast knowledge of literature, history, writing techniques, and personalized learning are applied through differentiated instruction and assessment. Mr. Kilgour believes that a student does best in the classroom when one’s creativity and personal interests are accentuated and integrated into classroom instruction and assessments. He also firmly believes that a classroom cannot be successful without collaboration among students, staff, and parents.  Daniel encourages his students to embrace diversity through literature and studying the world around them as he feels this translates into appreciating diversity in the world beyond World Academy’s walls. He is an incredible asset in support of our diversity philosophy and mission!