Dr. Nahla El Falaky

Dr. Nahla El Falaky has recently joined World Academy as our Science Department Head and full time Middle School teacher.  She originally comes from Cairo, Egypt. She came to the United States with her husband and twins in 2001. They first lived in Worcester, MA, and then they relocated to Nashua, NH in 2009.

Nahla is an MD and graduated from medical school in Cairo University in 1994. She then worked as an anesthesiologist until 1997. She left the clinical field and pursued a Master’s Degree then a PhD in Medical Microbiology and Immunology which she received in 2006.

Dr. Falaky  has been teaching Medical Microbiology and Immunology to medical school students, dental school students and Nursing students since 1998 as a Clinical Demonstrator, as an Assistant Lecturer and then as a Lecturer in the Department of Medical Microbiology and Immunologyat Cairo University.  She has also worked as a researcher in the Department of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology, UMass Medical School 2006-2009, in addition to having published in the Journal of Immunology.

Dr. Falaky has also been an Adjunct Professor at SNHU and Rivier University, teaching in their Science Departments since 2013.

She is a very proud mother of three children, Amina, Youssef, and Omar.  Amina and Youssef the twins, are alumni of World Academy and are now students at Northeastern University.  Omar is currently one of World Academy middle school students.

Nahla initially joined our community as a substitute teacher at World Academy in 2017. She has been a Science and Mathematics teacher here and is looking forward to assisting our school continue to grow and flourish in the area of Science.

She believes that education is a keystone in a child's life. It is the best time to give them the love of learning and curiosity to learn more. This can only happen by providing a classroom that they feel is a safe place to share opinions and have open discussions.

She finds it best to set high expectations for her students and help them reach that bar, feel proud of their work and even exceed expectations. She always supports her students by continuous close follow up and assessments of their work, providing them with frequent detailed feedback and solving any issues before it's too late.

Dr. Falaky joined the World Academy community in 2017.