Girija Ramapriya

Girija Ramapriya joined us in May 2018 and continued as a part-time teacher, teaching 5th grade Math and Social Studies. After a few years in the private sector, Girija received her Masters of Science from the London School of Economics focusing on international relations, management, and innovation.  She has a passion for improving education through the design of better experiences for students, teachers, and the education community, and works towards this goal through her work alternate employment at Brazen Learning.

Girija grew up in Billerica, MA, calling it home once again after her time abroad.  She loves travelling, learning new things, and always appreciates a good laugh.    

As a teacher, Girija creates a student-centered learning environment for her students.  Her instructional strategies vary throughout the lesson, addressing the different learning styles of her students.  She actively engages her students, encouraging students to have ownership of what they learn, which promotes student discovery and breakthroughs.  Girija’s passion for education translates into activities that are relatable, and relevant to the student, and she incorporates 21st Century skill-building as a standard part of learning in her classroom.  Understanding that learning doesn’t just mean grades on a test, Girija also recognizes that students have different levels of affinity for certain subjects.  By ensuring that the classroom remains an open environment, continuing to reinforce the basics of the subject, and building an interdisciplinary approach to curriculum topics, Girija ensures that all her students are successful learners.  

Ms. Ramapriya will be a substitute, when needed, in the classroom. We are so grateful she will be continuing with us!