Gisele Rubino

Middle School Science & Math

Gisele Rubino has been working at World Academy since January 2012.  She has a Master’s (ALM) degree from Harvard University and a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of New Hampshire.  She holds a Middle School Science certification for the state of New Hampshire.

Mrs. Rubino grew up nearby in Goffstown, NH.  After spending a few years in the Cambridge area, she met her husband and moved to Nashua, NH. She enjoys spending time traveling and relaxing with friends and family.  Gisele loves to spend her time at the beach with her family and a good book.

Mrs. Rubino believes that an integral part of her students’ education is the introduction of  life skills.  Their time in school is only the beginning of their life journey and we as teachers are here  to help create  the path that they will follow to success.  The path will be different for each student, but hopefully we will provide them with the important skills and building blocks for them to be able to attain whatever goals they have set for themselves.  In addition to creating excitement around learning, I hope to give each student the necessary skills to create a solid foundation for them to build their own path to their future.

Mrs. Rubino joined the World Academy community in 2012.