Jada Taylor

Kindergarten Afternoon Teacher

Jada Taylor has been teaching at World Academy for the past four years throughout the middle school and elementary areas. She joined our team after graduating from Southern New Hampshire University with a degree and NH certification in Teaching English Language Arts, Grades 5-12.

Miss Jada grew up in Bow, NH, but now lives near downtown Nashua in a cozy apartment with her husband and two cats. She loves spending her time outside of school reading fictional novels, sewing, and going on runs through the trails at Roby Park. She also enjoys horseback riding on the weekends at her favorite barn, Chase Farm.

Miss Jada believes that the only way to understand how students learn is if the teacher learns right along with them. As she advances through her content area with her students, she will gather knowledge about each unit that she can then share and examine with her students, the process of learning being united between them. Relative to the students’ path of curiosity, if a particular aspect of her content area interests her, she will track it and discover possible destinations that will help her learning experience develop and expand. She will then express this expansion with her students, allowing them to further improve it, coaxing the learning process to grow like a zealous little vine on a telephone pole. It will start off small and then sprout more and more blossoms of discovery as the curriculum leads it to the end of the school year. As her students learn, she will encourage them to follow their curiosity and use their interests to their educational advantage. She wants her students to understand that their individuality and creativity spur their ability to learn.

Miss Jada joined World Academy in September 2015.