Kerri Murphy

Kerri excitedly joined World Academy in 2020 as one of our Full Time Substitutes. She earned her Child Care Certification from BOCES in Long Island, New York in both Early Childhood Education and Special Education. Kerri’s two passions are working with children and dance. She has an Associate of Arts Degree in Dance and has taught Dance at the YMCA in Nashua, Merrimack School of Dance, and Off The Wall Racquetball Club, where she also worked in their Child Care and the Afterschool Programs. Kerri moved to New York and taught Dance at Oceanside Conservatory until she started working as an Office Manager for a few Fashion Designers. While working there, Kerri taught dance for the Community Center for Children of all abilities for 22 years.

Kerri moved back to New Hampshire in October 2020 to creating memorable moments here again along with her husband, Max, who is a Magician and Hypnotist and works for Comcast. Upon her arrival back to NH, she became a "Glamma", because “Grandma” did not fit someone who loves Broadway, Sparkle and FUN!

Kerri truly believes that everyone has something about them that makes them "SHINE'', and that every child matters and needs to feel like they are special and loved in this world. Her greatest joy is when she sees students come out of their shell and to show their selves with confidence. Kerri wants each person to leave a room happier then when they entered it. All children are unique, and her goal is to help them each find that uniqueness to flourish and become all that they are capable of being.