Martha Maye

NAEYC Consultant and Former Assistant Director

Martha and her husband, Ron, moved to the Nashua area in 1980 where they raised their three children. Their daughter Stephanie is now a professor at the University of Connecticut. Son, Christopher is a senior manager for Fidelity and their youngest, son Kyle, is a senior financial analyst for Up-To-Date in Waltham, Ma. Ron and Martha have six grandchildren. Besides spending time with family and friends, Martha enjoys sewing and gardening.


A child’s success is our success. I believe a teacher’s success is measured by the growth of each child in the classroom. I see the teacher as a facilitator in the educational process with the goal of each student reaching his/her full potential, showing sensitivity to individual needs and learning styles. Teachers, in partnership with parents, are responsible for developing the child’s natural curiosity and fostering the child’s enthusiasm through new and developmentally appropriate experiences for lifelong learning in a respectful, safe, and nurturing environment. Along with intellectual growth, I feel emotional growth is equally important to the education process. Again, together with parents, teachers play a role in the development of a child’s Self-regulation as well as intellectual progress. Learning Self-help skills, Self-regulations and social skills with support and enhance the intellectual success of the child. In conclusion, children need to be challenged and enriched. While in school, children need to learn about rules, fairness, communication and cooperation while working and playing together as a part of a community. I believe the school is a community that creates lifelong learners, cooperative individuals and critical thinkers with teachers as the guides and parents as partners.