Miranda Barnes

Miranda Barnes joined the World Academy community as a substitute teacher in June of 2021.   She is currently completing her Child Development Associate (CDA) certification and plans to further her schooling in early childhood education.

Miranda grew up in Peabody, MA and moved to Milford, NH in July of 2020 with her boyfriend. Miranda loves singing and acting. She was in the Honors Choir and theater group where she participated in several musicals and plays. She enjoys spending time at her father’s property in Newbury, NH, helping her boyfriend cook, and shopping. Her favorite place to travel is Italy, and she loves redecorating and reading.

One of Miranda’s main focuses is building strong social and emotional skills in her young students. She believes the long-term effects of these skills transition children into successful, happy adults. “Acknowledging children’s success gives them the confidence to try new things and participate in school and extracurricular activities.” Miranda believes that confidence in yourself sparks a desire to learn in her students. She institutes this belief by using words of affirmation daily. Phrases such as, “I am kind! I am CONFIDENT! I am capable! I am loved!” contribute to their success daily. “A child who's regularly affirmed and encouraged is likely to have greater self-awareness, confidence, and resilience, and build positive healthy relationships with others. Miranda believes she is flexible in her abilities as an educator. She is an advocate for children who need someone to voice their needs. A cheerleader for children who need a confidence boost. A passionate and persistent educator for the children who need warmth and structure to learn. Miranda believes that by being consistent, patient, and keeping a positive attitude she will inspire and encourage such traits in her students as well.