Molly Desmond

Molly Desmond started teaching at World Academy in 2019. She has her Teaching Certification from Nashua Community College. She is currently working towards getting her Bachelors degree in Education. Molly holds a Level 2 Teaching Credential from the state of New Hampshire.

Molly grew up in Milford, NH where she still currently lives. Before diving into the world of Early Childhood Education, Molly was a Theater And English Major at Wells College. She enjoys spending time with her friends and loved ones. For many years she participated in theater and still enjoys seeing the magic of a performance in her spare time. 

Molly believes that Childhood is an extraordinary time that only happens once. She has learned through her time in the field that it is important for teachers to ensure that each of our students learns and grows in a safe, positive, nurturing environment. For her, it is important for the children under her care to feel they are an important individual, both in the classroom and on their own. Whether it be through obtaining more knowledge via college courses or adding more experience to her previous six years in the field, Molly strives to create a classroom that is the best fit for her students.