Pam Morganelli

ELA Department Head / Grade 8 Language Arts and Social Studies

Pamela Morganelli has been part of the World Academy team for well over eighteen  years. For the first six years, she taught Kindergarten. After moving away for two years, she came back and became part of World Academy’s Middle School Staff. She is a graduate of Stetson University with a Bachelor of Arts in Education. In 2011, she graduated from New England College with a Masters of Education in Literacy and Language Arts.

Mrs. Morganelli currently lives in Greenfield, New Hampshire with her husband Al, and her daughter Paige, along with a dog and two cats. Pamela also has a son, Max. Both of Pamela’s children attended World Academy. Pamela enjoys reading, sewing, quilting, and shopping adventures with her daughter.

Over the course of nearly twenty years of teaching Mrs. Morganelli has grown as a teacher. A teacher, she feels, should first, and foremost, be a student. She has an innate sense of wonder and curiosity. She hopes to foster these in her students. Mrs. Morganelli feels that everyone is a lifelong learner and must constantly seek opportunities to read and understand new ideas and information. She strives to make her classroom a place to read things each person enjoys, learn from a wide variety of sources, make mistakes, and for everyone to find their voice as a writer. She fosters communication between her students and herself and with their parents. Mrs. Morganelli fosters self-advocacy. Her goal is to help each student find their own voice, not only to ask for help but to explain what they need and how they learn best. She uses all learning modalities in her classroom to help her students understand how they learn best.

Mrs. Morganelli joined the World Academy community in 2000.