Sara Hynson

Sara Hynson has been at World Academy since November, 2018. She is an Associate Teacher and is currently working on her Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education at Nashua Community College.

She was born and raised in Nashua, NH, and has dreams of moving to warmer weather someday. She loves to spend time with her puppy and cat, cooking, and enjoys traveling to new places.

“I believe children need an inspiring and accommodating environment for them to succeed and be active learners in. Play is what helps children develop skills that they will use their whole lives. The best way for a child to succeed is by having their family and teachers work as a partnership. Growing a warm and welcoming classroom is what helps children want to open up, learn, and explore. My goal is to teach each child in a style that benefits each and every one of them.”

Sara joined the World Academy community in 2018.