Before and After School

Before and After School

Our Before and After school programs provide Grades K through 8 students with a safe and enjoyable environment. A mix of challenging or relaxing activities are planned to promote social satisfaction and nurture positive relationships. Separated into appropriate age groups, the After school teachers, who are also full time teachers in our school program, provide coaching, homework assistance, arts and crafts, spontaneous activities and more to round out your child’s day.

Special themes and activities such as sledding and ice skating combine with after school clubs to make this a very special part of the day for our afterschoolers! These programs are currently available to our World Academy students.

Before School

Fresh fruit is available to children arriving before 8am (we open at 6:30am!), varied quiet games and outside play.

After School

Students are offered fresh fruit throughout the afternoon (Grades K-8) and a personal agenda wherein students may choose from the Homework Room, an Arts & Craft activity, games and activities in our Great Room, organized sports, and/or outdoor activities. Parents may discuss their expectations for their student's choices with the Before and After School staff.

Vacation/Holiday/Snow Day Programs

Our Before and After School staff plans activities that provide our school age students with lots to do throughout the day, as well as giving them a chance to just be with their friends in a stimulating and safe environment.

Jack has grown tremendously and with great pleasure we have enjoyed his journey thus far. As his parents we are so grateful for the constant support and creative adventures of his education. World Academy has been his rock. Thank you!! - The Staly Family

Meet the Staff

Kathleen Nelson

Founder / President

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Dr. Lisa Dias

Head of School

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Erin Seguin

Administrative Assistant

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Sarah Bishop

Middle School Teacher, StarLights Moderator, Summer Camp Enrichment Coordinator, Middle School Afterschool Coordinator, & Wilson Reading Specialist

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Courtney Dennis

iPad Teacher/Elementary Afternoon Teacher

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Adrienne Harris

ECE/Elementary Support & Elementary AfterSchool Teacher

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Emily Sgro

Elementary Support & Kindergarten Afterschool Teacher

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World Academy is creative and innovative with their course design. They make learning fun and teach sign language. They even expose children to technology that is why we chose World Academy! - Alesh and Dantal



Interest areas, including our many age appropriate playgrounds and outdoor areas, are offered for the children to plan their individualized schedules. Children may choose from many options designed to stretch their minds and bodies to release pent-up energy to have fun with their friends.

Homework Rooms

We encourage and support homework by offering a special area that allows for quiet study and adult interaction and support. Homework is a 'choice' activity.

Arts & Crafts

Children interested in exploring their creative side can stop in to try their hand at basic activities with arts and crafts materials. Guided theme projects are available daily and they can range from pumpkin decorating to creative woven place mats.

Quiet Games

Games such as Mancala, Checkers, and Chess, as well as other popular board games are available on a 'choice' basis throughout the afternoon to those interested in a friendly challenge. All ages are encouraged to satisfy the urge to build and create. Theme suggestions and varied kits are available for those budding architects who desire more structure.

Gym Time

Join in! The game of the moment might be basketball, floor hockey, or 4-square, depending upon the day. The children have input into the games they play, and all activities take place under watchful eyes and participants are encouraged to expand their skills and sportsmanship.

I love to go to World Academy every day. I have met a lot of great teachers and friends at your school. I have learned a lot too! This is the best school! I wish I could stay here forever but I have to grow up. Thank you World Academy!!!- Andy Xu