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Individualized Roadmaps.
Education for Personal Success.

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Redefining SMART.
One Individual Child at a Time.

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Nurturing a Passion for Learning.
At All Ages, Stages, and Abilities.

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Developing The ‘Whole’ Child From Birth Through Grade 8.

S.M.A.R.T. students at World excel both in and out of the classroom.

Socially & Culturally Adept

Socially & Culturally Adept

Socially & Culturally Adept

Motivated To Succeed & Grow Independently

Socially & Culturally Adept

Appreciative Of Creativity In All Forms

Socially & Culturally Adept

Respectful Of The Cultures, Beliefs, Of Others

Socially & Culturally Adept

Team-Oriented & Skilled At Finding Support

Dedicated Teachers

We look for teachers with heart, as well as intellect; teachers who are strong intuitively and academically and teachers who will care for and educate your child in a respectful manner.

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Passionate Students

Our students show drive, creativity, and passion for learning in all its forms the moment they walk through our doors - from athletics to academics to after-school activities.

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