Emergent Kindergarten

Emergent Kindergarten

While a part of our Four Year Old Program, Emergent Kindergarten is a unique class for students prepared for a enhanced classroom environment that is a blend of our Preschool Fours and Kindergarten classes, yet still highly individualized per each student's unique growth and development. Emergent Kindergarten students are eager to learn, ready to take on independent tasks and seek academic challenges! The class is carefully planned to offer ample opportunities for students to both engage in cooperative play and begin to take academic instruction. In order to foster relationships and master foundational skills needed when pursuing future educational endeavors, the emerging curriculum supports investigation, motivates inquiry and curiosity, and develops the competencies of curriculum through the help of peers and educators. Through curriculum enrichment and strong development of our whole child philosophy the Emergent Kindergarten meets the developmental needs of each student and builds a foundation for educational success. Emergent Kindergarten students attend Kindergarten the following year. Enrollment in Emergent Kindergarten requires a minimum attendance of four days per week.

Some of the unique features of the World Academy's Four Year Old Programs are:

  • The class is tailored to fit each child - individual student plans are created for each
  • The entire program is designed to provide a sense of empowerment and independence
  • Respect for others is encouraged in every Four Year Olds class
  • Children participate in Storytelling Enrichment, Physical Education, and iPad Enrichment Classes where activities are designed to build confidence, encourage a healthy lifestyle, and to reinforce the curriculum.
  • Field trips to local places of interest are much anticipated part of the curriculum
  • Daily use of our well-planned, interesting and developmentally-appropriate playground exclusively for our Three and Four Year Old students
  • 2 nutritious meals and 2 tasty snacks are provided daily (dependent upon selected schedule, with the exception of lunch on Fridays our school-wide "Brown Bag Day!")
  • Daily use of our well-planned, interesting and developmentally-appropriate playground exclusively for our Three and Four Year Old students
  • Flexible schedules - four or five days a week with four time brackets for the Emergent Kindergarten

We couldn't be happier with the experience we have had at World Academy. Our children have grown in ways we couldn't have imagined. The teachers here are amazing, and my family has always felt supported by the school. We would recommend it to anyone! - Parent, World Academy


World Academy admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin, or gender, to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities available at the school. The school does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national/ethnic origin, or gender in the administration of its educational or admissions policies. Students with disabilities will be accommodated to the extent of the services and resources available.

Since it is our goal to provide an enriched environment that will foster social, intellectual, physical and emotional growth for all of our children, we consider the aptitude and attitude of the student and the commitment of the parents to be integral to the admissions process.


Enrollment Policy

All families interested in a World Academy placement for their children may call and request a detailed tour of our school. While it isn’t a requirement that the student be present for the initial tour, it is encouraged, as we will need to meet the child before accepting him/her into our program. We also invite the student to visit and observe the classroom that the school selects as the best fit based on age, development and ability to be on target for appropriate future Kindergarten attendance. This will ensure the proper placement of your child in a program in which your child will flourish. Parents will be provided with an Ages and Stages Questionnaire on their tour which coincides with the chronological age of your child. This should be returned to school at the time of the student’s observation. After the visit, the school administration will be in contact with the parent to discuss the placement and review the next step in the enrollment process.



In order to finalize the enrollment process, the following forms and procedures must be completed and received 48 hours prior to a child starting in our program.

  • Registration Form turned in with the non-refundable Registration Fee and any tuition that may be due.
  • A copy of the necessary records (transcripts, up-to-date physical and immunization forms and other pertinent health, educational and/or legal records) on file at school by the first day of class (mandated by the State of NH)
  • Emergency Contact Information Form
  • Child Developmental History Form
  • Activities Permission Form and Waiver
  • Child Precaution Form
  • Financial Agreement Form (This acknowledges full understanding of and agreement with school payment policies, financial obligations and school procedures.)
  • Appropriate Ages and Stages Questionnaire

Meet the Staff

Kathleen Nelson

Founder / President

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Dr. Lisa Dias

Head of School

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Angela Hehir

ECE Director

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Jessica Labbe

Assistant to ECE Director

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Jennifer Daly

Emergent Kindergarten Teacher

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Jacki Vincent

Emergent Kindergarten Teacher

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We love World Academy. Our 2 year old son is in his first year of the Toddler program. The teachers are so supportive and create a warm, happy environment. The focus truly is on the children. We love seeing him try new things, gaining confidence and having lots of fun. The facilities are beautiful. - Parent, World Academy


Our enrichment programs are an important feature of a World Academy Preschool Education:


Children’s exposure to interactive media and technology are progressively supplementally becoming a part of the context of young children’s growth and development, and such, have an additional role in the developmentally appropriate framework. Technology tools assist early childhood programs in fostering and expanding effective practices, intentionally selecting software that improves creativity, as a tool to view critically and to make decisions, in addition to, performing research, observing and documenting. The specific tech elements utilized at this time in our ECE classrooms consist of an overhead projector attached to a laptop with internet access for re-learning, critical thinking, collaboration, problem solving, etc. Radios that support music, story/listening centers that are utilized daily and digital photo frames within each preschool classroom to give feedback and individualization to the children. Students in the EK program have introductory instruction using our mobile iPad cart.

Storytelling Enrichment

Weekly Storytelling Enrichment class with Mr. Michael that bring stories alive for students with creative play, singing, dancing, puppetry, and word/finger play to strengthen pre-reading and linguistic skills. Students are also introduced to different cultures and are taught breathing exercises through yoga and mindfulness.

Physical Education

The main goal of the Physical Education program for early childhood students at World Academy is to provide them with authentically planned structured activities to foster the development of their manipulative (gross motor) and locomotor skills. Activities that involve running, walking and skipping along with gross motor exercises such as catching and throwing are important components of our individualized program and child development, in general. All of the fundamental skills that the children work on during physical education classes are important building blocks for a healthy active future with skills based on good sportsmanship.


Our Arts Program provides students with the opportunity to express themselves visually. Our program explores the elements of art including shape, form, line, space, color, value and texture. Through the year, using different media, students develop their critical thinking skills including decision making, problem solving, creative and evaluation skills. Art production skills are developed using a variety of two and three-dimensional medial. When applicable, art history knowledge and concepts from other disciplines are also incorporated into lessons.

Other educational enhancements of World Academy

  • Individualized Student Plans for each student
  • Guidance and articulation for continued student success and placement
  • Seamless curriculum coordination and multiple intelligences considerations for every ability level and through all grades
  • Community service incorporated into the curriculum
  • Field Trips to curriculum-related educationally stimulating locations
  • Various safety programs at different levels to support efforts to stay healthy and safe


World Academy offers a constantly progressive schedule for our Preschool students, in addition to the enriched curriculum. The introduction of new activities is based on student interest.

Take a look at some of the activities below:

  • Child/teacher ratio of 12:1 
  • Individual Student Plans are created to provide a program tailored to each child.
  • Learning centers are designed to provide maximum challenge and interest while allowing children to freely refine their skills in a developmentally appropriate setting.
  • A Daily Note is posted to a classroom white board to apprise parents of their child’s day detailing activities, items discussed, and any special reminders.
  • Emphasis on peer interactions, lengthening of attention span, letter recognition, pre-reading skills, counting, writing, and math skills such as patterning and graphing.
  • The program is designed to provide a sense of empowerment, independence and encourage a respect for others.
  • Daily use of our playground, which is well planned, interesting, incorporates natural elements and is developmentally appropriate for four year olds.
  • Winter Celebration Performance and field trips to local places of interest are basic parts of the curriculum.
  • Extracurricular opportunities in Dance and Karate.
  • Progress Reports are sent home in November, March, and June apprising parents of student progress and teachers are always available for conferences/meetings when requested.


Tuition Rate Schedule for New Families Effective 1/1/21

Monthly Tuition Rates

A 5% tuition discount is offered on the lower tuition for second and subsequent children in a family who enroll at World Academy.

  • $125 - Non-Refundable Registration Fee Due With Registration Paperwork
  • All programs include morning snack, lunch (Mon-Thurs) and afternoon snack.
  • Breakfast is included for all students who attend prior to 8 AM.

Four Days

  • $1,2178:45am-5:00pm
  • $1,2428:45am-6:00pm
  • $1,3136:30am-5:00pm
  • $1,3386:30am-6:00pm

Five Days

  • $1,2938:45am-5:00pm
  • $1,3288:45am-6:00pm
  • $1,3946:30am-5:00pm
  • $1,4246:30am-6:00pm