The Kindergarten program at World Academy is a five day a week, full day program (8:15am - 3:00pm) with the option to extend the day with before and after school care. All children enrolling in Kindergarten must be 5 years of age before October 1st of the current school year. If your child does not meet the minimum age requirements, we may consider early admission after the results of testing and a review by the Admissions Committee.

Kindergarten at World Academy reflects the notion that five-year-olds are vibrant, active, doers. Our children experience life through learning centers and teacher support.

The program is designed to encourage a sense of "we-ness" that invites the children to work cooperatively, to give and take leadership. The curriculum feeds children's curiosity and addresses their sense of keeps the mental wheel "humming." We take advantage of a child's insatiable desire to learn -- exposing our kindergarteners to all of the vital information they are demanding about the world. The classes promote the joy of learning, and are opportunities for our children to learn control over their lives by offering choices and encouraging the development of their sense of self. This is an important time for our youngest elementary students to develop socialization skills in areas including patience, sharing, listening and negotiation.

We also recognize this is a time for building a strong foundation of language and math skills. Special focus is placed on these two areas in our Kindergarten classrooms. A Fountas and Pinnell reading program is used in the classroom as well as an EnVisions math program. Both programs are extremely useful in teaching to all levels, enrichment worksheets may be completed by children needing more of a challenge and additional activities are suggested for students having trouble understanding certain lessons.

Specialists are also an important addition to the curriculum. Music, Physical Education, Visual Arts, Technology, and Spanish and French classes round out the Kindergarten program. Our enrichment programs are an important feature of a World Academy education. Each program has been outlined more in-depth below.

Thank you both for being such fun, loving and caring teachers!! It’s very comforting to know she is in such great hands! You both have taught her so much, it amazes me how much she knows and has grown. Thank you again for being the “Awesome” teachers that you are!! - The Shaw Family


World Academy admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin, or gender, to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities available at the school. The school does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national/ethnic origin, or gender in the administration of its educational or admissions policies. Students with disabilities will be accommodated to the extent of the services and resources available.

Since it is our goal to provide an enriched environment that will foster social, intellectual, physical and emotional growth for all of our children, we consider the aptitude and attitude of the student and the commitment of the parents to be integral to the admissions process.


Schedule a visit

We welcome encourage families who are interested in the Kindergarten program to schedule a private tour to see the facility and meet the teachers. Students are welcome on the tours!



Kindergarten applicants are required to submit the World Academy application, a progress report (or other form of record) from their Preschool program, and written permission to communicate with, including the contact information for, their Preschool Program and teacher. If your student is applying for Kindergarten and has not attended a school or childcare setting previously, World Academy reserves the right to request an additional meeting and/or testing prior to an Admissions decision being made.

Applicants to Kindergarten or First Grade who are not five and six years old, respectively, by September 30th of the year they enter these grades will be required to complete a developmental test at an additional cost prior to an admissions decision. More information about the testing process and a testing date can be obtained by contacting the World Academy Admissions Office at 603.888.1982.


Admissions Documents

Kindergarten through Grade 8 applicants are required to submit the following:

  • Completed World Academy application
  • Up-to-date academic record from the school(s) the student has most recently attended, including last report card and standardized testing scores
  • Application Fee of $100
  • Recommendation Form(s) completed by current teacher

The Admissions Committee at World Academy reserves the right to request additional information, in writing, with regard to any applicant. Additionally, the Committee may deny an admissions decision to any student who is unable or unwilling to produce either written documentation or the necessary information for World Academy to communicate with teachers, support professionals, or other individuals who have been engaged in the student’s formal educational experiences and who can provide useful insight into the student’s ability to be successful at World Academy.


Admissions Exam

Families of students applying to First through Eighth Grade should contact the Admissions Office upon deciding to apply, by calling Samantha Wingate, Director of Admissions at 603.888.1982 or via email at The Admissions Office will schedule an exam with the Admissions Administrator for a Saturday testing date, from 8-11 AM. The exam takes anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes and covers Language Arts, Math, and a Writing segment. Applications should be submitted before or on the date of the scheduled exam.


Admissions Decision

Once the above requirements have been satisfied in full, World Academy will return an Admissions decision to the student and his or her family.

Upon receiving an acceptance decision, please register your student for class immediately. Registration documents and fee must be submitted to the school within two weeks of an acceptance decision to secure the student’s enrollment in the class. Student health and immunization records along with signed authorization releasing the student’s records from his/her previous schools to World Academy should be submitted. Due to a limited number of available spaces, we ask that families please return Registration Fees and paperwork in a timely manner to ensure their student’s placement in our program. World Academy reserves the right to deny the registration of an accepted student if the class has reached capacity or additional information on the student indicates the student may not be a good fit for our school.


Meet the Staff

Kathleen Nelson

Founder / President

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Dr. Lisa Dias

Head of School

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Marie Kirk

K-8 Principal

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Emily Sgro

Kindergarten Afternoon Teacher

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Kelsey Spaulding

Kindergarten Teacher

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Jada Taylor

Kindergarten Afternoon Teacher

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Jennifer Tully

Kindergarten Teacher

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Enrichment Staff

Maria Bronfine

K-8 French Teacher

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Erik Congdon

Athletic Director, Physical Education Teacher & Boys Soccer and Basketball Coach

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Laurie Deneault Collins

Music / Chorus Teacher

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Mary Hulfachor

Guidance Counselor and K-3 Spanish Teacher

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Teresa Iannone

Art Teacher / Afterschool Teacher

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World Academy is a wonderful School thanks to the progressive teaching directed at each and every student. All students benefit from the learning environment which promotes accountability on the part of students, and provides meaningful communication between teachers and parents. Teachers are always accessible and there is always someone to greet you at the front door, usually by name. It’s all of this and more that creates motivated students eager to attend school to learn. - Diane Becker


World Academy offers many educational enhancements and much enrichment for every stage and age. Our enrichment programs are an important feature of a World Academy education and offer extra value to our World Academy experience. Specialists in the following disciplines meet with the students on a weekly basis:


Our Arts Program provides students with the opportunity to express themselves visually. Our program explores the elements of art including shape, form, line, space, color, value and texture. Through the year, using different media, students develop their critical thinking skills including decision making, problem solving, creative and evaluation skills. Art production skills are developed using a variety of two and three-dimensional media. When applicable, art history knowledge and concepts from other disciplines are also incorporated into lessons.


Our Health Education program fosters student development of knowledge and skills needed to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. Designed to motivate students in Grades 1 – 8 to improve and maintain their health, prevent disease, and reduce health-related risk behaviors, our curriculum is based on the National Health Education Standards, with program topics including: Nutrition, Personal Health, Physical Activity, Environmental Health and Injury Prevention, Smart Choices for Healthy Living, Internet Safety, and Bullying Prevention.

World Languages - French, Spanish, and VLACS

Students in K-3 will complete a half year of instruction in both languages (with Kindergarten continuing to take Sign Language). All students are required to take a language each year. We currently offer French and Spanish onsite, and Latin and Mandarin through the online VLACS program. Students in Grades 6-8 will have the option to concentrate on the language path of their choice (French or Spanish). Grades 7 & 8 may also opt for our VLACS (Virtual Learning Academy Charter School) offerings of Mandarin and Latin. Second language learning offers cognitive, creative, and critical thinking benefits. In addition, knowing other languages and understanding other cultures is an important 21st century skill that students will need in order to live and work in a global society.

Music & Chorus

Singing, dancing, storytelling, acting, creative expression, and rhythm exercises are some of the curriculum components engaging K- Grade 8 students on a regular basis. In addition, the music program incorporates the progressive series Share the Music from McGraw Hill. This series supplements the curriculum with concepts including music theory, history, social and cultural commonalities and diversities, various instrumentation and familiarity with acclaimed performers. Students begin to take the recorder in Grade 3 and acoustic guitar at Grade 7.

Physical Education

We have a strong belief in the value of physical activity. Our Physical Education Program is designed to increase our students' awareness of the importance and benefits of physical activity while making physical activity enjoyable. By introducing various sports in a non-competitive atmosphere, we can assist our children in developing their own athletic interests and skills. Emphasis is placed on teamwork, cooperation, effort and good sportsmanship. Some activities during the year include Soccer, Basketball, Floor Hockey, Team-building challenges, Cheerleading, and fitness. Extracurricular activities include our Track Team, Soccer, Basketball, Dance, Cross Country, Ice-Skating, Skiing, Sledding and Karate. Summer activities include the above, plus Outdoor Swimming. World Academy is a member of the Tri-County Athletics League, where we compete at the Middle School level for Basketball, Soccer, Cross Country, and Track, and Co-ed Volleyball, and we have a Spirit Squad.


The Technology program's focus is to embed the use of these tools in the curriculum. Each grade level program is tailored from year to year to benefit the students' learning styles and development while targeting the topic being studied. Utilizing the 1:1 iPad lab, our technology leaders work hand in hand with classroom teachers and students on a weekly basis. Our mobile station is also available for teachers to utilize as needed to assist in their classroom curriculum. The Middle School teachers use an iPad cart housed within the Middle School building to access specialized applications that will invigorate their students’ creative use of technology within the classroom, in addition to students bringing in personal devices for integrated technology use and instruction. In addition to making technology an extra learning tool, we hope to inspire critical thinkers, problem solvers, analytical investigators and creative imaginative scholars.

Other educational enhancements of World Academy

  • Individualized Educational plans for each student
  • Guidance and articulation for continued student success and placement
  • Seamless curriculum coordination and multiple intelligences considerations for every ability level and through all grades
  • Community service incorporated into the curriculum
  • Reading Olympics, "Book It", and D.E.A.R. Literacy Programs that encourage the love of reading
  • Sunshine Math and Sum-It Math enrichment programs
  • Character Education program highlighted by monthly assemblies, student awards and spirit day themes
  • Participation in the National Geography Bee
  • Field Trips to curriculum-related educationally stimulating locations such as Seacoast Science Center, Christa McAuliffe Planetarium, Boston Museum of Science, SEE Museum, and Palace Theater (theatrical performances)
  • 3rd & 4th grade "Fit Kids" health program taught by Dr. Charles Capetta from Dartmouth-Hitchcock Clinic
  • Various safety programs at different levels to support efforts to stay healthy and safe - "Risk Watch", Safe Child and NPD Peer Pressure Awareness Program
  • Author's Tea held in May offering an opportunity for our students to share their own works of literature St. Jude's Math-a-thon and MDA Hop-a-thon alternately
  • St. Jude's Math-a-thon MDA Hop-a-thon alternately


World Academy offers a constantly progressive schedule of extracurricular and intramural activities for Elementary and Middle School students, in addition to the enriched curriculum and electives programs. The introduction of new and additional sports, clubs and activities is based on student interest.

Take a look at some of the activities below:

  • Dance Class
  • Karate Instruction
  • Drama Club

When we selected World Academy for Colin's daytime care, we toured six different centers and found World Academy's Early Childhood Education programs, space, and menu to be superior to most of the other facilities we had viewed. We have been pleased with the care that Colin has received from Miss Lindsay, Miss Audrey, and the rest of the staff, and we have delighted in Colin's growth and development thanks to his time there. Both sets of grandparents and even our friends have expressed how impressed they are with the building, the classroom, and how happy he seems at the end of his days there. - The Hogan-Pherson Family


The World Academy 19-20 school year calendar is 182 days for students.  The State of NH requires 180 days for instruction. A 5% tuition discount is offered on the lower tuition for second and subsequent children in a family who enroll at World Academy.

K-8 Tuition Fee

  • $100 - New Student Application Fee
  • $125 - Non-Refundable Registration Fee Due With Registration Paperwork
  • $300 - Non-Refundable Activity/Book Fee K-5 Due 7/15/19 With Tuition Deposit
  • $325 - Non-Refundable Activity/Book Fee 6-8 Due 7/15/19 With Tuition Deposit

Annual Tuition for 182 School Calendar Days.

**Payable over 9‐1/2 mos.  Non‐refundable 1/2 mo. deposit due 7/15/19 with Activity/Book Fee.  First regular payment due 8/15/19.

Students enrolled in World Academy prior to 1/1/18 with uninterupted enrollment receive Loyalty Discount.

Students must sign up in advance for each Vacation Program date.  The Snow Day Program is included with WA student tuition payment.  



Annual Tuition



Add On AM* OR PM*
(*AM 6:30-8:15 *PM 3:00-6:00)



Add On AM & PM Care
(6:30am to 6:00pm)



Add On Vacation Program

Enrolled AM OR PM $35/day

Enrolled AM & PM $30/day