Ashley Davis

Older Infant Teacher

Ashley completed her certificate in Early Childhood Education from Nashua Community College in May 2020 and has her Level 4 Teacher Credential with an Infant/Toddler Endorsement.

Ashley currently lives in Nashua, NH with her boyfriend Steven and their three sons, Mason (13), Rylan (8), and Cameron (1). She loves living in New England and fall is her favorite season! When she’s not working, she loves being with her huge family, going to the beach, and watching her kids play in all of their team sports!

Ashley truly feels like she is where she belongs when she’s teaching! She believes that each child learns in their own way, at their own pace and it’s our job as educators to meet each child’s individual needs. She encourages learning through hands-on activities and strives to make every child feel supported and loved in her classroom. Ashley takes pride in learning each one of her students as an individual and making sure that they are all thriving on their own level while in her care.