Jill Murphy

Preschool Threes Teacher

Jill has been with World Academy since 2016. She started as a full time substitute teacher and then joined the Preschool 3s team as a lead teacher. She has an Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from Holyoke Community College and, in 2016, she graduated cum laude from Rivier University earning a B.A. in Human Development.

Jill was adopted from Korea and came as a young child to an Irish family. She grew up in Western Massachusetts before moving to Southern New Hampshire and presently resides in Brookline with her husband. For many years she lived in New York and the Boston Area. Jill enjoys living in New Hampshire and being with her family and friends. She also enjoys long-distance running.

“I believe that the key to the education for children is knowing they thrive on structure, routine, and discipline. One of my main goals as an educator is to help students learn to be successful through positive reinforcement and guiding young children to be confident with age-appropriate assistance. In doing this I need to be flexible, have fun and always be positive with humor. I stand with the strength and the power to make sure they all know they are important and that self-help skills and coping skills are an integral part of their self-esteem and emotional development. I have rules that are fair, class-wide, but I teach to learn and have a strong belief in gentle reminders. Redirection is key and it’s a way they can learn when needed. I believe in a warm, gentle connection with the children; my \hugs are always free! I foster an open-door policy and parents are always welcome to come and to share ideas as well.”