Welcome & Mission

Welcome to World Academy

“Imagine a school that recognizes that real learning is passionate learning... A school that includes families as a part of the team and supports innovation for its teachers... A school curriculum that values questions above answers, creativity above fact recognition, individuality above conformity and process above standardized performance. Welcome to our ’World’!”

If you place a priority on an experience in which individuality within teamwork, critical thinking while collaborating, creativity while researching and optimal growth while your child thrives are valued, then our school is the right choice for you and your family!

Our mission is “to prepare our students for success in a diverse and rapidly changing world through a transformative and innovative education, whole child focus and family engagement.” We accomplish this in a safe, secure, state-of-the-art environment, taught by high quality teachers, and offering limitless opportunities and high expectations for all!

Our goal is to provide a strong foundation, offer students enriched opportunities and support each in becoming a personal success story. Our programs are designed to offer a highly evolved, gapless continuum of knowledge and skills from one level to the next, with a curriculum that embraces empowerment, well-roundedness, transformative educational experiences and the diversity of our families. The outcome embodies individual success, competence, and confidence which gives each student a competitive advantage in his/her global future.

Our philosophy of espousing innovation, combined with successful best practices, offers our students cutting-edge experiences. We build “whole people” who have a deep knowledge base and the 21st century skills to thrive and make a greater impact in their future, yet undiscovered, world.

As a school we are continually assessing and evolving, but we are never far from our original mission that acknowledged that all authentic learning involves the school and family working together. We work FOR you, our families, and together we make a formidable team in the best interest of your child!

We warmly welcome you to our wonderful "world of opportunity!"


Kathleen Nelson
School President
World Academy
138 Spit Brook Road
Nashua, NH 03062

Our Philosophy

At World Academy, our focus is on providing families with a continuum of year-round quality education, care and recreation for children six weeks of age through Grade 8. This includes academically-rigorous and developmentally-appropriate classes focusing on literacy, character, pluralism, enrichment and individualized learning. 

We accomplish our mission through an in-depth, quality curriculum, small classes, inspired staff, and a focus on excellence in education, student empowerment, diversity, values and the attainment of conflict resolution and negotiation skills.

Everything we do underscores our belief that:

  • People are of the highest value.
  • Each child has the right to develop at his/her own rate.
  • Education is a responsibility shared among students, parents, teachers, administration and community.
  • One of the best ways to support children is to support families.
  • All age levels deserve an appropriate, challenging and comprehensive, relevant curriculum that addresses all aspects of the ‘whole child.’
  • A well-rounded education balances the academic, socio-emotional, cognitive-intellectual, developmental, physical, cultural and creative aspects while accounting for unique student talents and abilities.
  • A multi-cultural environment enables a broader world view and affords students the opportunity to develop an understanding of pluralism, diversity and tolerance.
  • A nurturing and collaborative learning environment provides students with a sense of belonging and individual worth, encourages mutual respect and safety, fosters character development, and enhances learning.
  • All individuals are expected to model respect, trustworthiness, fairness, kindness, citizenship and ethical behavior.
  • All constituents deserve to be safe and secure in the school environment.
  • 21st century skills are vital for success in the ever-changing global future.
  • All students can learn and deserve the best opportunities our ‘World’ can offer.
Educational Philosophies