Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve assembled a list of the most common questions parents of prospective students have about World Academy. You’ll find information about class sizes, meal plans, and financial assistance.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to get in touch with us at 603-888-1982, or email us at

Is World Academy religiously affiliated?

No, World Academy is an independent, unaffiliated, dually accredited, progressive private school. As a school community, we embrace students and families of all religions, nationalities and cultures and appropriately support all families’ beliefs, customs and traditions.

Where do World Academy students typically go when they graduate?

World Academy graduates are equipped to succeed and excel at any of the excellent, high caliber schools they choose! Based on their varied interests, talents, pursuits and learning styles, students from our school have been accepted by and shown continued success in their first choice educational institutions, including private schools such as: Middlesex School, Derryfield School, The Pike School, Bishop Guertin High School, Groton School, Lawrence Academy and others. Alumni have been noted for their successes and endeavors at exceptional colleges, companies, and artistic venues across the globe.

Where do most World Academy students come from?

Many students enter into our Early Childhood Program as Infants or Preschoolers, while others apply at different times during their Elementary and Middle School educational journeys. World Academy welcomes new students to all levels each year as they qualify. Geographically, the school represents towns from Bow, NH to Boston, MA with the school’s population growing exponentially each year as our reputation precedes itself.

Is financial assistance available?

World Academy offers a limited number of merit scholarship opportunities to new students applying to our Middle School. The Scholarship application is available through the Admissions Office. For families who have demonstrated a long-standing commitment through involvement in the school community, the Tuition Assistance Program exists to provide financial support in the event of an unforeseen financial crisis and hardship. There is an implied obligation to support the school that is expected from the families receiving assistance.

Does World Academy provide bus transportation?

Currently, World Academy does not offer private bus transport for students to and from their homes. As the need arises, we intend to provide a privately contracted bus service to additional towns in the area. Our Before and Afterschool Program offers transport to and from local public schools.

Does World Academy have a dress code?

Student dress code and expectations are based on World Academy’s widely shared belief that students learn best when their attire and that of their peers is befitting to an educational environment. Attire should be neat, clean, and in no way disparaging to others, distracting from the focus of the class or impacting others’ opportunities to learn. At all times, students and staff alike shall be dressed in a manner that demonstrates respect for the community and pride in World Academy. Students in Grades K-3 have the option to purchase either white or blue World Academy polos for uniform use. Beginning in Grade 4, polos (and school-logoed outerwear) are mandatory for students with their choice of pants/skirts. In the 2019-2020 school year uniform khakis, skirts and shorts will be required.

Are meals included in the tuition?

With the exception of Friday lunch, when students bring in a brown bag lunch from home or order pizza through the pizza program (Elementary and up), all meals are provided by the school and included in the Tuition through Grade One. Grade 2-8 students have the opportunity to purchase lunch through a special catering option or can bring their lunch daily. World Academy takes great pride in our Food Director, the kitchen and our meal and snack offerings! We strive to incorporate healthy, whole food options, offer ethnic choices and maintain a menu that students are happy to eat. Carefully planned and balanced menus offer light breakfast options to those enrolled in our Before School Program who arrive before 8 AM daily. We serve snacks each day and fresh fruit is available throughout the day for older students. Lunches are served in the Great Room for students in Kindergarten through Fourth Grade, while the Middle School Café serves Grades 5-8. The catered lunch always includes a pyramid-based selection of foods, and a vegetarian option. A complete (and delicious!) salad bar is set up daily for students in Grades K-3 in addition to the main entrée. We serve milk (at a cost for Grades 3 and up) and do not serve chips, candy, confections, soda or sugared juice.

What time does school start and end?

Kindergarten through Grade 3 classes begin at 8:30 AM and end at 3:00 PM. Grades Four through Eight begin at 8:00 AM and end at 2:30 PM with options for Homework Rooms, Sports and Clubs available until 4 PM included in the monthly tuition. For Kindergarten through Grade Eight students, the Before & Afterschool Program, including the Homework Room, afternoon snack and outdoor time, is available from 6:30 AM to 6 PM. You have the option to sign up for the Before & Afterschool Program upon registration or to contact the Business or Admissions Offices during the year, if you would like to add a program to your student’s schedule.

Do students stay in their class and with their teacher all day?

Students through Third Grade have a primary classroom teacher. At different levels, students receive instruction from Enrichment Teachers in the subjects of French, Spanish, Electives, Literacy/Storytelling, Technology, Art, Music, and Physical Education. In addition to Technology Class which is done through 1:1 iPad instruction, the Fourth through Eighth Grade students work on personal laptops throughout their curriculum and continually integrate technology into varying aspects of all their work. Fourth through Eighth Grade students start their day in their Homerooms and change classrooms and teachers for each of their core subjects, electives and Enrichment Teacher classes. Additional enhancement is always available for all students who are ready for it.

Are there extracurricular and intramural opportunities for students at World Academy?

Yes, World Academy offers a variety of opportunities for students to expand upon their talents and try new activities and challenges. The introduction of new clubs, activities and sports grows annually and is based on student interest and resource availability. Our beautiful state-of-the-art Gymnasium/Theatre Complex offers increased opportunities for expanded sports teams and special events.

Current offerings are listed below:

  • Yearbook & Newspaper Clubs
  • Student Government
  • Ballet & Tap Class, Karate Instruction
  • Private Piano Lessons & Theatre/Drama
  • Calligraphy/Scrapbooking Club, Rock Climbing Club
  • Show Choir, Chorus, & Musical Instrument Instruction
  • Tri-County Soccer & Basketball
  • Tri-County Track & Cross-Country
  • Tri-County Spirit Squad & Volleyball
  • Middle School Ski Trips and Ice Skating
  • Community Service
  • Continental Math League, NH Lego League
  • Student Council, Peer Leadership Group
  • Public Speaking & Engineering Class
  • Robotics/Stem in all classes and as extra-curriculars
  • And more!