Middle School

Middle School

Grades 4 through 8 feature an individualized, anti-biased curriculum rooted in STEM and the Arts with strong foundations in math, reading, writing, language & literacy and science.World Academy’s new campus for our older students is state of the art with an environment designed to support 21st century learning. The in-depth, enriched, diverse curriculum promotes problem solving, collaboration, leadership, communication and other techniques to encourage student success in the global future and is set up to address individualized learning styles and intelligence levels.

The Middle School Program offers our older students in Grades 4 to 8 the opportunity to experience a middle school classroom model. This model includes activities such as Student Government, school publications, peer mediation, advanced technology experiences, writing workshops, public speaking, cooking, intramural sports and study skill classes that are an integral part of the curriculum experience in Grades 4 through 8. Extracurricular activities also include track, ice-skating, sledding and karate.

The academically challenging and developmentally appropriate approach to our curriculum is seamlessly coordinated from grade to grade in order to maximize each child's potential. Our high academic standards and low student/teacher ratio enables each student to have more opportunities to think and grow, and more hands on comprehensive information about the world. Our curriculum is further enriched with specialized instruction in Technology, World Languages, Visual Art, Music, Chorus and Physical Education and focuses elective courses for each grade.

Grades 4 through Grade 8 at World Elementary offer a low student to teacher ratio to allow teachers to get to know each individual student and his/er learning style. Classes are conducted five days a week from 7:45am - 2:30pm, with the option to extend the day with our Before and After School Program. Based on the local Board of Education guideline, our curriculum has been expanded and enriched to offer your child more choices. Our goals are to foster physical, social, emotional, cognitive, language, math and creative development - all while enjoying school.

World Academy is strong academically; has teachers who love their students; students who love their teachers; a culture of not only academic excellence but also critical and systems thinking integrated across all subjects (i.e., robotics, programming, science, English, and other coursework). Students are taught they are accountable for the outcomes they generate for themselves and with others. It is a very special, highly-accountable school and we are forever grateful. - Parent, World Academy


World Academy admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin, or gender, to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities available at the school. The school does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national/ethnic origin, or gender in the administration of its educational or admissions policies. Students with disabilities will be accommodated to the extent of the services and resources available.

Since it is our goal to provide an enriched environment that will foster social, intellectual, physical and emotional growth for all of our children, we consider the aptitude and attitude of the student and the commitment of the parents to be integral to the admissions process.


Schedule a Tour

We welcome students considering our Kindergarten through Eighth Grade classes to visit our facility to get to see what World Academy is all about! As part of the application process, students observe with the grade level they currently are in, so they can be paired with a Student Ambassador they can relate to and meet the students they will potentially attend class with the following year.



Applicants are required to submit the World Academy application using our online application. This can be accessed when we are accepting new applications for each new year through the Admissions Office.

Please note: Applicants to Kindergarten or First Grade who are not five and six years old, respectively, by September 30th of the year they enter these grades will be required to complete a developmental assessment an additional cost prior to an admissions decision. More information about this testing process and a testing date can be obtained by contacting the World Academy Admissions Office at 603.888.1982.


Admissions Documents

Kindergarten through Grade 8 applicants are required to submit the following:

  • Completed World Academy application
  • Up-to-date academic record from the school(s) the student has most recently attended, including last report card and standardized testing scores
  • Application Fee of $120
  • Recommendation Form(s) 

The Admissions Committee at World Academy reserves the right to request additional information, in writing, with regard to any applicant. Additionally, the Committee may deny an admissions decision to any student who is unable or unwilling to produce either written documentation or the necessary information for World Academy to communicate with teachers, support professionals, or other individuals who have been engaged in the student’s formal educational experiences and who can provide useful insight into the student’s ability to be successful at World Academy.


Admissions/Placement Exam & Observation

Families of students applying to First through Eighth Grade should contact the Admissions Office upon deciding to apply, by calling Samantha Wingate, Director of Admissions at 603.888.1982 or via email at swingate@worldacademynh.com. The Admissions Office will schedule an exam and observation once an application is complete. The exam takes anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes and covers Language Arts, Math, and a Writing segment. Applications should be completed before an exam can be scheduled.


Admissions Decision

Once the above requirements have been satisfied in full, World Academy will return an Admissions decision to the student and his or her family.

Upon receiving an acceptance decision, please register your student for class immediately. Registration documents and fee must be submitted to the school within two weeks of an acceptance decision to secure the student’s enrollment in the class. Student health and immunization records along with signed authorization releasing the student’s records from his/her previous schools to World Academy should be submitted. Due to a limited number of available spaces, we ask that families please return Registration Fees and paperwork in a timely manner to ensure their student’s placement in our program. World Academy reserves the right to deny the registration of an accepted student if the class has reached capacity or additional information on the student indicates the student may not be a good fit for our school.


Meet the Staff

Kathleen Nelson

Founder / President

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Dr. Lisa Dias

Head of School

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Beverly Rose


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Meagan VanDeventer

Assistant Principal

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Dr. Nahla El Falaky

Science Department Head, Middle School Teacher, & Science Bowl/Physics Olypiad Moderator

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Daniel Kilgour

Social Studies Department Head, Middle School Teacher and D&D, eSports and Chess Club Moderator

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Pamela Morganelli

ELA Department Head & Middle School Teacher

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Kerry Goltsov

Middle School Teacher

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Tara Osinski

Mathematics Department Head, Middle School Teacher, and Cross-Country, Ski Club and Track and Field Mentor

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Sarah Bishop

Middle School Teacher, StarLights Moderator, Summer Camp Enrichment Coordinator, Middle School Afterschool Coordinator, & Wilson Reading Specialist

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Rachael Bottino

Middle School Teacher & Math Team Moderator

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Sherri St. Lawrence

Middle School Teacher & Theater Moderator

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Nancy Brooks

Middle School Teacher

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Jacob Douville

Middle School Teacher and Math Team Moderator

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Caitlin Ryen

Middle School Teacher

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Heather Davis

Elementary Spanish & Middle School Teacher

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Enrichment Staff

Mary Guidoboni

Academic Learning Specialist

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Maria Bronfine

Elementary & Middle School French Teacher

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Erik Congdon

Athletic Director & PE Teacher

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Laurie D. Collins

Music Teacher

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Ana DeAnda

Middle School Spanish Teacher

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Daniel Hughes

Robotics Leader

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Mary Hulfachor

School Counselor

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Teresa Iannone

Visual Arts Teacher

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Lynn Tabiatnejad

IT Support & Computer Science Teacher

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We began exploring private school options when we realized how profoundly bored our daughter was in the second grade of our public school system. We visited World Academy upon a friend's recommendation and in 10 minutes we knew World Academy was the perfect fit. At World, the culture of academic excellence is very clear. My daughter is now 12 and receiving high honors. Words cannot express our gratitude to World Academy. - Troy Fulton, World Academy Parent


World Academy offers many educational enhancements and much enrichment for every stage and age. Our enrichment programs are an important feature of a World Academy education and offer extra value to our World Academy experience. Specialists in the following disciplines meet with the students on a weekly basis:

Visual Arts

Our Visual Arts Program provides students with the opportunity to express themselves visually. Our program explores the elements of art including shape, form, line, space, color, value and texture. Through the year, using different media, students develop their critical thinking skills including decision making, problem solving, creative and evaluation skills. Art production skills are developed using a variety of two and three-dimensional media. When applicable, art history knowledge and concepts from other disciplines are also incorporated into lessons.


Students in Kindergarten through Eighth Grade will have the opportunity to use their engineering and math skills within our robotics program. The experience is based on five scientific principles giving students one of the most well rounded STEM experiences in education today. The goal of the program would be complete integration of a robotics program as a standard part of the curriculum for our students, which would make World Academy one of the only school in NH with such a program. Collaboration will be happening between teachers and students throughout the entire robotics experience.
The Fourth Grade students are introduced to a new robot that allows us to bring a simpler form of programming to the students with the goal of a higher comprehension and level of success across all students in the class. The new LEGO robot has many similarities to the WEDO kit, which was used in First and Second Grade, but also has more complex builds. The Fifth and Sixth Graders continue with the LEGO EV3 Robotics Technology. The  Sixth Grade students are introduced to the sensors that are included with the technology and show them how to create robots that can interact with the world around them. Fifth Graders are introduced to new challenges. All programs continue to focus on engineering, design, problem-solving and teamwork.
The Seventh and Eighth Graders are introduced to the VEX Robotics program. This type of robot offers many of the same benefi ts for design and engineering that the LEGO robots do, but with several advancements. The two key advancements being the ability to control the robot with a controller, and the programming language is more advanced, bringing the older students one step closer to real world coding skills. In addition, these students have the opportunity to compete in a competition featuring the VEX Robots in January if there is interest. 

World Languages - French, Spanish, and VLACS

Students in the Lower Middle School will complete a half year of immersion instruction in both French and Spanish. All students are required to take a language each year. We currently offer French and Spanish onsite, and Latin and Mandarin (through the online VLACS program). Students in the Upper Middle School will have the option to concentrate on the language path of their choice (French or Spanish). Grades 7 & 8 may also opt for our VLACS (Virtual Learning Academy Charter School) offerings of Mandarin and Latin. Second language learning offers cognitive, creative, and critical thinking benefits. In addition, knowing other languages and understanding other cultures is an important 21st century skill that students will need in order to live and work in a global society.

Music & Chorus

Singing, dancing, storytelling, acting, creative expression, and rhythm exercises are some of the curriculum components engaging K- Grade 8 students on a regular basis. In addition, the music program incorporates the progressive series Share the Music from McGraw Hill. This series supplements the curriculum with concepts including music theory, history, social and cultural commonalities and diversities, various instrumentation and familiarity with acclaimed performers. Students begin to take the recorder in Grade 3 and acoustic guitar at Grade 7.

Physical Education

We have a strong belief in the value of physical activity. Our Physical Education Program is designed to increase our students' awareness of the importance and benefits of physical activity while making physical activity enjoyable. By introducing various sports in a non-competitive atmosphere, we can assist our children in developing their own athletic interests and skills. Emphasis is placed on teamwork, cooperation, effort and good sportsmanship. Some activities during the year include Soccer, Basketball, Floor Hockey, Team-building challenges, Cheerleading, and fitness. Extracurricular activities include our Track Team, Soccer, Basketball, Dance, Cross Country, Ice-Skating, Skiing, Sledding and Karate. Summer activities include the above, plus Outdoor Swimming. World Academy is a member of the Tri-County Athletics League, where we compete at the Middle School level for Basketball, Soccer, Spirit Team, Cross Country, Track, and Co-ed Volleyball.


The Technology program's focus is to embed the use of these tools in the curriculum. Each grade level program is tailored from year to year to benefit the students' learning styles and development while targeting the topic being studied. The Administration and Teachers strongly recommend that each student in Grades Four through Eight obtain a laptop to bring to school. Students will utilize technology daily across the curriculum, which means that computer skills will be taught and reinforced throughout the day. They will be typing documents, creating PowerPoint presentations, investigating spreadsheets, and students in Sixth through Eighth Grade will also utilize Excel.  All Fourth through Eighth Grade students will also be utilizing their personal device to take part in the MAP Growth Assessment through NWEA. 

The Middle School teachers use an iPad cart housed within the new school building to access specialized applications that will invigorate their students’ creative use of technology within the classroom. In addition to making technology an extra learning tool, we hope to inspire critical thinkers, problem solvers, analytical investigators and creative imaginative scholars. 

Grades 4-8 Enrichment Electives

Every quarter, students in the Middle School have an elective class that is designed to introduce topics and skills that are meant to be a fun, hands-on way to learn another subject area. These progressive classes are meant to integrate 21st century skills into the curriculum while providing a balance with the core academic offerings to develop the “whole child”. Some offerings in the past have been: Kitchen Chemistry, Fun With Physics, Lego Designer and Publishing, Improvisation, Create Like the Masters, Cooking Around the World, Rock Climbing, Acting 101/Monologues, Lyrical/Modern Dance, Geocaching, Sketch Comedy Writing, and Cooking 101.

Enhancements in Middle School

  • Individualized Educational plans for each student
  • Take part in College Board standardized PSAT 8/9 test
  • Guidance and articulation for continued student success
  • Seamless curriculum coordination and multiple intelligences considerations for every ability level and through all grades
  • Community service incorporated into curriculum
  • 21st Century Skill - hands-on, real-life, 4C's, information, media, and technology literacy
  • Electives - Public speaking/debate, Gardening, Cooking, Comic books come to life
  • Cross Grade Level Projects - Argumentative essays in math, Scale moddels in SS
  • Project Based Learning
  • Exposure to different types of assessment - Performance assessment, projects & presentations. Middle School uses the NWEA testing to help guide ISPs
  • Tri County Sports
  • Digital Gradebook for Middle School to support parent communication and grade transparency
  • Reading Olympics, "book It", and D.E.A.R. Literacy Programs, Daily Five that encourage the love of reading.
  • Sunshine Math, Khan Academy, and Sum-It Math enrichment programs
  • Character Education program highlighted by monthly assemblies, student awards and spirit day themes
  • Participation in regional/state/national contests
    • Spelling Bee
    • Geography Bee
    • History Bee
    • Various Math contests
    • Rube Goldberg
    • Invention Convention
    • City-wide Art contests
  • Field Trips to curriculum-related educationally stimulating locations such as Seacoast Science Center, Christa McAuliffe Planetarium, Boston Science Museum, SEE Museum, and Palace Theater, and Beyond Benign
  • Partnership with neighboring institutions to bridge the gap between classroom and real-life experience
    • Innovation Academy Charter School sharing green alternative to replace a toxic chemical.
    • Financial Advisors to provide pointers on investing in the Stock Market
    • Nashua Area Radio organization to provide STEM opportunities
    • Fit Kids Program provided by Dr. Charles Capetta
    • Bok Kids
  • Author's Tea held in the spring offering an opportunity for our students to share their own works of literature
  • Inspiring overnight educational opportunities
    • French trip to Quebec City
    • Appalachian Mountain Club for 6th-grade
    • Washington DC for 8th-grade
  • Enriching students' day with engaging extracurricular activities and clubs
  • Expose students to positive social interactions and development outside of the classroom during the school day, which further develops team building and collaboration skills, such as Ski Club, ice-skating, and trekking, as well as Upper Middle School Semi- Formal and the Annual Alumni Basketball Game.
  • Health Education that fosters student development of knowledge and skills needed to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. Designed to motivate students in Grades 1 – 8 to improve and maintain their health, prevent disease, and reduce health-related risk behaviors. Our curriculum is based on the National Health Education Standards, with program topics including: Nutrition, Personal Health, Physical Activity, Environmental Health and Injury Prevention, Smart Choices for Healthy Living, Internet Safety, and Bullying/Cyber-bullying Prevention.


World Academy offers a constantly progressive schedule of extracurricular and intramural activities for Elementary and Middle School students, in addition to the enriched curriculum and electives programs. The introduction of new and additional sports, clubs and activities is based on student interest.

Take a look at some of the activities below:

  • Middle School Theatre Club with Mrs. St.Lawrence


    Performance Group

  • Math Teams- Middle School Math Team that participates in AMC 8 / Math Kangaroo / Math Counts / Math League

  • Lego RIZE Robotics Teams

  • Lego VEX Robotics Teams

  • Chess Club (Advanced and Beginner/Intermediate)


  • Yearbook Club
  • STEM Club
  • Envirothon
  • Student Government


The World Academy 22‐23 school year calendar is 181 days for students.  The State of NH requires 180 days for instruction. A 5% tuition discount is offered on the lower tuition for second and subsequent children in a family who enroll at World Academy.

  • $120 - New Student Application Fee
  • $150 - Non-Refundable Registration Fee Due With Registration Paperwork
  • $325 - Non-Refundable Activity/Book Fee 4-8 Due 7/15/22

Annual Tuition for 181 School Calendar Days.

**Payable over 9‐1/2 mos.  Non‐refundable 1/2 mo. deposit due 4/15/22.  First regular payment due 8/15/22.

Students must sign up in advance for each Vacation Program date.  The Snow Day Program is included with WA student tuition payment.  



Annual Tuition


*Tuition includes class hours 7:45‐2:30 w/ extra curricular activities from 2:30pm‐4:00pm.


Add On AM* OR PM*
(*AM 6:30-8:15 *PM 3:00-6:00)



Add On AM & PM Care
(6:30am to 6:00pm)



Add On Vacation Program

Students must sign up in advance